How Much Collateral Can the Bonding Agent Take?

There is no limit. A bonding agent may take whatever collateral is believed necessary to cover the bond. The bonding agent may only keep the value of the collateral necessary to pay the defaulted bond, costs and bounty hunting fees. The balance of the collateral must be returned.

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The Bonding Agent Posted Bond, but the Defendant Did Not Get Out of Jail. What Can I Do?

If the bond was posted, the bonding agent acted properly. However, another court or law enforcement agency may have a “hold” of some type on the defendant. Only the court has the authority to order the bonding agent to return the premium. You will need to present your request to the court and request the court to consider a refund of premium.

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How Long Does the Bonding Agent Have to Write My Bond?

The bond must be posted within 24 hours of receipt of full payment or a signed contract for payment. If the bond is not posted, all money, premium, and collateral must be refunded, and all liens released within 48 hours of receipt.

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How Do I Get a Receipt or Copy of My Bail Contract?

Contact the bonding agent and request copies of the documents you need. If you are unable to get copies, call the insurance company on your bond. If you still do not receive the documents, call the Division of Insurance.

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How Can I Make Installment Premium Payments?

The bonding agent may or may not negotiate a premium installment payment plan with you. If a plan is arranged it must be in writing and must state the amount to be paid and when the payments are due.

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