Does it take long to post bail in Boulder County, Co?

Our worst dilemma is finding ourselves in a situation where our friend or loved one has been arrested and we are faced with a crisis on how to get them out of jail as fast as possible. Depending on the crime that the defendant has been charged with, most of the time, posting bail is the best way to get out of jail fast.

Bail serves as a sort of security in the form of cash, property, or bond to ensure that the defendant will appear in court. This should not be considered a fine as this will be returned when the trial has ended, and a verdict has been met. However, when the defendant fails to appear in court on the designated court date, the money given for bail will be forfeited as a sort of penalty for not appearing before the judge. 

As mentioned above, bail can be in the form of cash which can be posted for the full amount. However, the bail amount by the court could sometimes be high depending on several factors and the criminal charge the defendant is facing. Thus, there is a second option to post bail if cash is not readily available. This could be in the form of a bail bond. A bond usually involves a bail bondsman. They will post bail on behalf of the defendant in exchange for a fee. In Colorado, they typically charge a fee of 10% to 15% of the total bail amount. Check out bail bonds Boulder County if you need help from an experienced bondsman.

The amount of bail is determined after the court has scheduled an arraignment. It is important to note that if your friend or loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor case, posting bail is easier as it is often set based on a county bail schedule.  Each county has a bail schedule to serve as a guide for the fixed amount that a person who is arrested without a warrant will pay so they can be released from custody with an agreement that they will appear on the prescribed court date. Ask a Boulder County bondsman if you need help with bail posting for your loved one.

For more serious crimes such as felonies, the court will schedule a bail hearing and determine the appropriate bail amount depending on the factors such as the defendant’s criminal history, character and reputation, nature of the offense, and if the offender is a flight risk. When the bail has been set, the process for the release takes around 1 hour to 24 hours depending on how busy the jail staff is. Good thing is that the expert Boulder county bondsman like Lucero’s Bail Bonds will take care of all the paperwork for the swift release of your loved ones. 

As long as the proper process has been followed and all necessary paperwork has been filled out, posting bail does not take too long. And any trusted bail bonds Boulder County bondsman knows the importance of getting people out of jail fast to be able to be with their families. Thus, it is important to only trust bondsmen that have been in the industry for years and are available for you 24 hours on any day as arrests can occur anytime. 

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