A Guide to Reducing Jail Time in Colorado

If you get convicted of a crime, you will either be facing time in a jail or prison. This situation can get overwhelming! For one, as soon as you get arrested, you may need to immediately search for ‘bail bonds near my location‘ to secure your temporary release.

If you have a solid defense and you are proactive throughout the whole legal process, there may be ways for you to reduce the required time for you to serve your sentence after a conviction. Individuals who have also served good time or have been obeying prison rules can also be eligible to have their sentences reduced.

Is it possible to reduce jail time in Colorado?

The short answer is yes. However, the decision to reduce a criminal sentence often depends on the decision of the judge. As such, it is critical to have your case presented in the best light possible. For instance, if you can show evidence of good behavior, you will most likely be granted a sentence reduction as you will not strike as a danger to the community.

Moreover, the Colorado Revised Statutes 16-17-101 provides that the governor may commute a sentence if he believes it proper, advisable, and consistent with the interests of the public, as well as the rights and interests of the convicted individual.

What are the ways to get a prison sentence reduced?

  1. Getting the case dismissed

One of the best ways to avoid jail time entirely is to avoid a conviction by getting the case dismissed. This can be done either by getting a not guilty verdict from the jury during the trial or by filing motions to suppress evidence. This requires a good and solid defense from your end. Securing bail bonds in colorado will ensure you can get out of jail temporarily and find the best legal representative. If you get arrested, search for a bail bond agent near me so you can secure your release and prepare your case early on.

  1. Getting a good plea bargain

A good plea bargain is also one way to get your jail time reduced in Colorado. Getting a good plea bargain will require strong evidence and other available defenses from your end, which will be used to file motions to get a favorable plea bargain. A skilled defense lawyer can help identify and point out strong defenses and deficiencies. This will give you a better chance to persuade the prosecutor to agree to give you a significant reduction of the sentence or even dismiss the charges altogether. While some may argue that you shouldn’t settle with a plea bargain, one of the benefits of negotiating a plea is getting everything over as soon as possible while getting a lighter sentence.

  1. Sentencing

If the accused is convicted at a trial or agreed to a plea bargain, the court will still determine several factors before appropriate sentencing is decided. These factors include the criminal history of the defendant, the nature of the offense charged, and the level of offense.

  1. The Nature of the Charges

 If you decide to push for a plea bargain for your case, your lawyer must be familiar with the expected outcomes of any charges. This includes all the compulsory fines, any minimum amount of jail time to be served, as well as legal restrictions involving treatment and probation. Your lawyer should also have in-depth knowledge of any potential collateral consequences, such as the possibility of employment issues, immigration issues, or driver’s license suspension.

  1. The Degree of Offense

The more serious an offense is, the higher chances that the accused will be sentenced to jail. In the United States, defendants convicted of felonies are more likely to serve more time in prison compared to other nations. If you can successfully negotiate to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor, you will most likely reduce jail time.

Can felony charges be reduced or dropped in Colorado?

Under Colorado Revised Statutes 18-13-103.5, anyone convicted of a particular felony drug offense can have the opportunity to reduce it to a misdemeanor after they can complete a community-based sentence.

In Colorado, the maximum penalty for a class 1 felony is life imprisonment. Still, if it can be reduced to a misdemeanor charge, there’s a higher possibility that you need to serve two years in prison or a concise jail sentence.

It is not always possible to reduce or even drop a felony charge to a misdemeanor in Colorado, but that does not mean you can’t spot opportunities in your case to make this possible.

Pre-sentence Rehabilitation

Pre-sentencing rehabilitation can give you a lighter sentence, especially if you show a willingness to take the necessary steps to get proper treatment and rehabilitation. This is usually an option if alcohol, drugs, or even mental health issues played a part in committing the offense charged against you.

The Role of Bail Bonds in Reducing Jail Time in Colorado

 For higher chances of getting your jail time reduced in Colorado, you must act as soon as possible. While you are in jail, there is limited time to meet with your lawyer and other necessary people who can help build your case. If you can secure bail bonds in Colorado, you can start preparing your defense as soon as you get released from jail temporarily.

Bail bond agencies can prove to be invaluable if you do not have the money to pay for bail. You will only need to pay a premium, usually 10 percent of the total bail amount, so you can be released from police custody. In return, you need to show up for all court dates to avoid getting your bail revoked. You become the responsibility of the bail bondsman, and they will make sure you can meet all the necessary reprimands from the court.

Go online and search for “bail bonds near my location” or “bail bond agency near me” to find the best ways to possibly secure your release, spend time with your loved ones, and prepare your defense with a lawyer.

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