5 Interesting Facts on Bail Bonds

Did you know that an estimated 5.1% of people living in the United States will be in a State or Federal prison during their lifetime? That is, if the incarceration rates documented in 1991 remain unchanged. So, getting out of the jail through a 24 hour bail bondsman in Greeley CO will be your best shot once you or your loved one get arrested by the authorities.

Talking to the right bail bondsman in Greeley is crucial to process someone’s pretrial release. Although the bail bondsman will walk you through the entire legal process, it will give you an advantage if you do your research. Here are interesting facts about bail bonds that you should know:

  1. Bail bonds are loans.

 When the judge set the bail amount for the incarcerated person, he can either pay it in full amount or a percentage of it through a bail bond agency. 24 hour bail bonds in Greeley CO is an excellent option for people who want to get out of jail without breaking the bank. When signing a contract with a bail bond agency, you are entering a short-term loan wherein the bail bondsman will pay the full bail amount in court on your behalf. And the same with all other loans, bail bonds have fees which vary in every State.

  1. The State regulates all bond fees.

 As mentioned above, bond fees vary in every State. In Colorado, all bail bond agencies are prohibited from charging their clients more than 15% of the bail amount as a premium fee. This way, the public will avoid being scammed during the stressful pretrial release process. Defendants should seek help only from a bail bond agency who is licensed, professional, and trustworthy.

  1. Bail bonds aren’t available in all states.

 Although bail bonds are widely accepted in the United States, it is surprising that not all states allow the posting of bail. The states which don’t have available commercial bail bondsmen are the states of Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. If you are incarcerated in these places, you will have no choice but to bail out using your own money instead. So, it will be in your benefit if you can find that your State acknowledges bail bonds agencies.

  1. Court date appearances are not enough.

 Among the other bail conditions set by the judge, attending all court proceedings may well be one of the most commonly known. However, many believe that court appearances are your only obligation as defendants who are released from jail through bail. Some other stipulations can be joining in a drug education program, staying in one State for some time, or reporting to the bail bond agency of any essential changes about the defendant. If these things aren’t met by the accused, your collateral will be at stake.

  1. The United States is one of the only two countries in the world with a bail system.

 The United States and the Philippines are the only two countries that honor bail bonds to get someone out of jail. Other countries don’t have a bail system in place, that’s why it’s essential to learn the U.S. legal system and its implications.

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